Compliance, ICD-10, and HIPAA Training

Meet the New Jersey Team Ready to Provide Education for Compliance

To maintain an effective compliance program, a healthcare organization must have in place proper education and training for their corporate leadership, managers, employees, physicians, and other healthcare providers, as well as provide ongoing training to all current workforce at all levels. This includes HIPAA training and ICD-10 education, but also encompasses so much more.

The compliance education and training program helps organizations provide the most efficient, effective, and quality services in alignment with current regulatory standards. By educating a workforce about organizational policies, as well as current standards and procedures, the organization shows its commitment to compliance. Training your workforce in your organization's policies and procedures allows them to understand the procedures to carry out the policies, which in turn allows the organization to be in compliance with the law. Education and training are quite effective in preventing risks, which means organizations get a long-term gain by investing in compliance education programs.

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Beyond ICD-10 and HIPAA Training

Compliance and HIPAA training is vital for healthcare organizations that have been audited and found to have inadequate processes and internal controls to be in compliance with laws. ICD-10 training is also important to the organization to prevent denial of claims, in turn preventing loss of revenue.

At ProMed Services, we are committed to provide the highest quality of educational programming tailored to your organizational needs and risk areas. We work with your current program or assist in creating and implementing a new compliance education program. After compliance and HIPAA training is completed, the ProMed Services team can work to help you ensure that every piece of a successful compliance education program will continue to function as it should. Ongoing support services related to HIPAA and coding and billing are available.

We provide:

  • Compliance education and training
  • Assistance with developing an annual compliance education program
  • Risk-specific compliance training
  • HIPAA training for privacy and security
  • ICD-10 and coding and billing training for clinicians, coders, billers, and auditors
  • Documentation guidelines
  • Evaluation and management services
  • Specialty-specific clinical documentation training
  • Updates on specialty-specific coding rules and regulations
  • Medical terminology, anatomy, and physiology training for coders, billers, and auditors
  • Practice management education for house staff
  • General documentation training for house staff and medical students

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A thriving healthcare organization must successfully navigate the complexities of modern business and healthcare compliance requirements. Professional Medical Management Services specializes in consulting with practices to provide help with the physical office and staff, coding and billing training, software selection and setup, policy and procedure implementation, HIPAA and ICD-10 training, and more.

Additional Benefits
  • Billing software selection
  • Policy and procedure implementation
  • Office location scouting
  • Clinical documentation software setup
  • Moreā€¦