Practice Management Consulting

Our Services Can Help Build a Solid Foundation

Doctors starting a new practice are faced with an overwhelming number of practice management and compliance decisions, which include office space considerations, staffing questions, software selection, credentialing processes, HIPAA training, and more.

Professional Medical Management Services offers consulting help to anyone who wants to successfully navigate the many systems and procedures that are vital to establishing and operating a thriving practice. Our particular areas of practice management expertise include:

  • Office location scouting
  • Staff recruiting, hiring, and competency assurance
  • Coding and billing training
  • Evaluation and management documentation guideline training
  • Clinical documentation software setup
  • Electronic health records software selection
  • Billing software selection
  • Hospital—and insurance-related credentialing
  • Coding, billing, and auditing support
  • Policy and procedure implementation
  • HIPAA and ICD-10 training

Consulting also involves developing practice management policies and procedures, developing a code of conduct, obtaining hospital privileges, evaluating vendors, assisting with hotline vendor purchases, contract and business associate agreement reviews for compliance, and obtaining a tax ID for the practice.

Practice management encompasses a wide variety of subjects, some of which may not be immediately apparent to a physician or office manager—even those with years of experience. As regulations change and technology continues to progress, we will consistently update our own abilities to ensure that our clients will always get the most current and useful advice and service.

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A thriving healthcare organization must successfully navigate the complexities of modern business and healthcare compliance requirements. Professional Medical Management Services specializes in consulting with practices to provide help with the physical office and staff, coding and billing training, software selection and setup, policy and procedure implementation, HIPAA and ICD-10 training, and more.

Additional Benefits
  • Billing software selection
  • Policy and procedure implementation
  • Office location scouting
  • Clinical documentation software setup
  • Moreā€¦